AL MODHESH   Company was founded in 1997, as a privately owned company,

AL –MODHESH Company is based on our tow decades of experience.

Is one of the leading companies importing and distributing high quality consumer products in Libya. Since its adoption as an import company, the company has expanded its operation in the importation of foodstuffs and cleaning materials of all kinds until it became a major distributor exclusively in Libya for the elite of international brands and famous products as it has authorized agencies from the Turkish company (PHOENIX) and the company (LAMIS) Jordan and sigma The company also imports its products from Spani , the Netherlands, Indonesia, Malaysia  and the United Arab Emirates. The company imports a monthly amount of more than 20 containers from each agency and about 15 containers and about 15 containers (container) of approved international brands and welcomes dealing with any company that wishes to build a long-term business relationship based on mutual interests and to act as its representative or distributors in Libya, where the company is an incubator for more than 150 employees with high experience in the field of Marketing and promotion. It has sales departments covering all commercial channels, modern warehouses and a large number of ready-made vehicles . The company has branches in most major cities and villages the company has branches in TRIPOLI, BENGHAZI, MISRATA, SEBHA, SIRTE, ALZAWYA company aims to increase its branches in the whole of LIBYA.

Agents of Turkish Products “Phoenix Company’s” leading hair gel industry

-Black Gel Box + Clear Gel Pack.

Agents for Syrian SIGMA products.

-Hair shampoo + air freshener + soap powder + liquid hand soap.

Agents for LAMIS Jordan Products.

-Polished glass + liquid soap + automatic washing machine + air freshener + fragrant and sterile floors + liquid utensils + soap washing machine for white clothes + soap washing machine for black clothes

Agents for TORRE product of LAMIS

-Toure powerd + fragrant & laxative clothes + solid soap + liquid soap + paper napkin  + hand soap.

Agents for ROXAL product from LAMIS.

-Chlorine colored clothing + normal chlorine “flash” + general disinfectant + gel surfaces.

The company relies on importing some of the world brands of body care, hair and cleaning materials.